Suggestion and health. Orison Marden “

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The body takes the form under the influence of thoughts. If a young girl wants to be beautiful, she should try not to look at something ugly, ugly, or evil, because these images are reflected in her face and manner. It also needs to avoid embarrassment in his behavior. Contemplating the disease, we can never acquire health. We will not achieve excellence by focusing on the imperfections. We will gain no harmony, learning razdor.V their minds, we must continually focus on the high ideal of health and harmony. We must resist the thoughts of discord and other enemies of harmony, just like we resist the idea to commit a crime. Never talk about their health are things that you would not want to see in real life. Do not concentrate on their ailments and symptoms do not learn. Constantly aware that you – Mr. Own life. Firmly proclaim their superiority over bodily ills. Do not give in to a slave of the lowest power. The mind has undoubted ability to maintain physical beauty and youth, keep your body strong and healthy and prolong life for many years. Men and women who live a long time, most of them reached the highest mental and moral development. They lived in the most exalted sphere free from conflict and strife, which weaken the lives of most lyudey. Muzyka can affect the pressure in the arteries and on the breath. We all know how music drives away anxiety and brings peace. When our soul is filled with harmonious sounds, all the anxiety and excitement of fly nas. Mnogie neurological diseases could help to heal through music, in other cases, the music has improved the condition of the patients. Anything that takes the human mind from the problems of a positive effect on bodily garmoniyu. Sformiruyte habit and reap the reputation of a man who always inspired, but never humiliate with words. Learn to see the good and not evil. Encouraging people and not disappoint. Always be an optimist. “Send your thoughts around love and happiness – and the blessings flow will flock to you. Send the surrounding perverse and sad thoughts – and a curse to be poured out upon you, and at night you will waylay the fear and anxiety. “